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Exceltweets is working again. However we are now carefully monitoring the use of Exceltweets, because we do not want anyone using our application to perform actions that are against the Terms of Service of Twitter. This means that all excel codes are now revoked and you need to register a new excel code for your Twitter account. It looks like we are not experiencing any abuse issues, so we are relaxing the limits that we are imposing to the following:If you feel you need more relaxed limits, and believe you can still stay withing limitations imposed by Twitter, just contact us.
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With ExcelTweets you can perform Twitter tasks in Excel without the need to integrate Oauth in your Excel sheets, download external libraries, register an application with Twitter, and lots of other tedious stuff to make it work. Exceltweets allows you to create highly customizable Excel sheets that make calls to various Exceltweets webpages to download Twitter data, which can be subsequently processed in your Excel sheets for your own private use.

How does it work:

When you sign in with Twitter (which takes care of all the Oauth stuff), you will be asked to create an Excel code that you need, together with your Twitter username, to make calls from your Excel sheet to the ExcelTweets webpages. We do not need your Twitter password and you can always revoke access to your account here.

We will also ask you if you want to follow and be followed back by the Mr_Exceltweets account , but this is entirely up to you. After this there is no need to come back to the website, unless you want to change your codes, read information on the available resources, or download sample Excel sheets. Please note that ExcelTweets will never take any action with your account, unless it is requested by you through your Excel sheets. It is a Twitter client that only acts on your initiative. Also note that no requested data is stored on our servers. The data you request goes straight to your Excel sheets.

Once you have created an Excel code you can click the download option and use the available spreadsheets, which you can use as a basis to futher enhance the functionality of your Excel sheets.
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